Dresden, 27th June 2019. The project 'ADMONT - Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies (MtM)' funded by the European Technology Initiative ECSEL has been successfully completed in Dresden during the final meeting. The aim of the project was the establishment of an efficient and flexible More-than-Moore pilot line for Europe at the Dresden location.

Four years ago, the funding project of the European technology promotion initiative ECSEL ("Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership") called ADMONT was launched. With the establishment of a pilot line whose technology modules are not located in a clean room but distributed through various partners in Dresden, potential customers should be offered a one-stop shop technology platform along the entire value chain from the silicon wafer to the finished system at the Dresden location.

"Admont combines existing expertise, technological capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities from industry and research organizations into one end-to-end MtM platform" explains Karl-Heinz Stegemann from X-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG. "Thanks to Admont, X-FAB can offer its foundry customers extended services such as technologies for sensors and MEMS components of Fraunhofer IPMS, OLED-on-CMOS integration of Fraunhofer FEP and opportunities at the Fraunhofer IZM for 2.5D and 3D integration, such as in the field of high-voltage components, the sensor interfaces, new IP blocks, models for the simulation of the transistor lifetime, a reliable metallization module and an extended PDK (Process & Design Kit ) ". Dr. Stegemann is convinced that the local proximity of the individual clean rooms enables short throughput times and fast production processes. ADMONT acts as a link between research and production and strengthens the international competitiveness of European micro- and nanotechnology.

The EU ECSEL funding project ADMONT officially ended on April 30, 2019. As a result, not only the basic idea of the continuous value creation chain with the development of process modules and first prototypes and demonstrators was impressively implemented. The close cooperation between the industrial partners, research institutes and SMEs in one project has also led to a new quality in scientific and technical cooperation. Discussions are currently underway to continue this close cooperation within the framework of EU follow-up projects (under ECSEL) and under the umbrella of Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland. Future applications of the virtual pilot line ADMONT could be found mainly in industrial electronics and medical technology.

Background of ADMONT

ADMONT is one half funded by the European Commission and the other half by the participating Member States financially supported ECSEL 'Innovation Action'. The national funding for Saxon project partners is shared between the federal government and the Free State of Saxony. The project duration was 4 years from 1.5.2015. - 30.4.2019. X-FAB Dresden with Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Stegemann as project manager and coordinator leads the overall project. In the EU joint project ADMONT 9 industrial partners, 5 SMEs and 2 research institutions (FhG with 5 institutes) from 6 countries are represented.