The first six months of the ADMONT project already passed and good progress has been made. Looking back to the past half year, good collaboration between all partners, deep and long technical discussions, regular meetings, participation in workshops as well as international conferences come to my mind.

Beside D9.1, describing the internal and external IT infrastructure and D8.1, the Data Management Plan, major focus was laid on D1.1 Business Process Model and Specification Sheet.

The open platform and the „one stop shop“ approach of the ADMONT pilot line defines quite tight framework conditions and requires different business models in parallel as well as cooperation with subcontractors. Every line partner can be the first contact to a customer and the manager for one individual business case. In the business case evaluation phase we have to decide which business model is adequate for this individual project. ADMONT needs a step by step implementation approach over the project run time and the last step follows the vision to have a ‘One stop Shop’ solution for all potential customers.
In the Deliverable we evaluated and tested two typical business models, arranged the internal data flow, set key parameters and collected all essential capabilities of the partners.

Further, we were able to reach Milestone 1 “Specification for all WPs done” in time due to the excellent project progress.

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We will keep you updated about ongoing work, publications and participation in events.